Laveggi Manways

Laveggi Manways

Fratelli Laveggi was founded in 1949, with over 50 years of manufacturing manway doors the company now operates from a 4,000 square meter facility and employ over 30 people. Laveggi produce thousands of different types of manways varying in size, pressure rating and surface finishes.  The quality which distinguishes Laveggi’s products has made them a leader in its industry sector, exporting 80% of all product’s all over the world.  The manufactured accessories are destined to several sectors; Winery, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Beverage, Petrochemical.


  • Certified hygienic design
  • Maximum reliability
  • Versatility of product configuration
  • Special Clear Perspex screen with your logo printed
  • Sight Glasses
  • TSE free (seals produced with no animal fats)
  • Special Polished Surface Finishes
  • High and Low Pressure


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