CSF Inox Steam-Water Mixers



Steam / water mixers M34 and M114 provide a cheap, instant source of low pressure hot water by utililising existing steam and cold water supplies. The mixers are extremely economical in operation since virtually all the heat energy in the steam is transferred to the water. They are made in all stainless steel and achieved by investment casting to ensure satisfactory operation even after long periods of inactivity. A built-in thermometer is provided to enable the water temperature at the outlet to be set and monitored.


  • Cheap, instant hot water
  • Energy saving
  • No tanks required
  • Ideal alternative to other less efficient and much more expensive heat exchangers.
  • Two sizes of mixer are available: M34 and M114.
  • Sized according to delivery flowrate required.
  • Suitable for Dairy, Food, Beverage and any other processing facility
  • Food and brewing industries, delicatessen factories, slaughter-houses, cheese-dairies, hospitals and general plant
  • Made in stainless steel. Assuring maximum hygienic requirements for all applications.
  • Temperature of outlet water adjustable from 35°C to 95°C.


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