UN Series PCI


Stainless steel cold-rolled AISI 304 tank (AISI 316 upon request), 2b finish.
Cold-forged bottom covers with optimised shape, minimum thickness: 2 mm.
Robotized TIG welding process.
Pickled and passivated seams.

Protection frame: 2 mm thickness. Hot dip galvanised steel. Tank chamber with anti-vibration rubber pads. Palletised base with fork-slot for lift truck and hand pallet-trucks.

Stacking(UN/ADR/RID/ADN standards): maximum 2 full superimposed containers.
No movement upwards, empty as well.
No filled superimposing during the transport.

Transportable products:(UN/ADR/RID/ADN standards): Dangerous products, packaging classes II and III with vapour pressure max 1.1 bar at 50° C.
Max admissible specific weight 1,9 Kg/dm3.


1. 400 mm. diameter manhole
2. Lid with clamp closure
3. Ball or butterfly outlet, max diam. DN 50 (2”)
4. Double action safety valve
5. Identification plate
6. Rubber pads


– Different types of rapid fittings or nipples.
– Stirrers, washing systems, etc.

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