Double Seat Valves

Double Seat Valves

Bardiani are a world leading manufacturer of Hygienic Process Valves including Double Seat Valves.

The Bardiani Double Seat (mix-proof) Valve are with an extremely modern and compact design, engineered and developed in accordance with the standards required by 3A PMO (Pasterurised Milk Ordinance) certification for the American Dairy market. The valve directs and controls the flow of two different liquids simultaneously, guaranteeing separation between the two to avoid possible contamination.

Extremely effective in production plants for health-hygiene applications, this Valve means a reduction in the number of single seat valves required and consequently optimises the use of available installation space. The valve bodies and balanced valve members, made from solid bar to guarantee higher resistance against water hammer, the auxiliary washing system (optional) and the detection of any leaks by means of the separation chamber between the two Valve members.

In addition to the supply of new Bardiani Valves, we stock Spare Parts and Components for the complete Bardiani range of Valves. We also employ a team of skilled engineers to carry out repairs and refurbishments of Bardiani Valves either at your site or in our 4,000 square foot workshop near Doncaster.

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