Control Units

Control Units

The Giotto Top® 360 and J-Giotto Top® 360 Control Units have been designed to ensure effective control and monitoring of valve operation. Each control unit can manage all the operations linked to valve functioning: in fact, both the position indicators (proximity switches and microswitches) and the solenoid valves are installed inside the Giotto Top® 360.

Installation on the top of the Valve actuator is quick and easy.
Made from high-resistance materials, the reliability of the electrical components which make up the unit ensures the operator can safely monitor operation, also controllable in remote mode, thanks to the illuminated indicators visible on all sides (360°). The high protection rating (IP67) against dust and liquid penetration ensures perfect operation of the various components even in the most arduous operating conditions.

Also available for ATEX applications.

In addition to the supply of new Bardiani Valves, we stock Spare Parts and Components for the complete Bardiani range of Valves. We also employ a team of skilled engineers to carry out repairs and refurbishments of Bardiani Valves either at your site or in our 4,000 square foot workshop near Doncaster.

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