Bardiani Valve Spares

Bardiani Valve Matrix Spares

Bardiani Valve Spares

Record 316 are the UK distributor of Bardiani Valve Spare parts and Components for the Hygienic Process Industries. We hold a large stock of Bardiani spare parts at our UK office available on a next day delivery. Bardiani Valve spares are also held at the manufacturer’s facilities and available on a express delivery service.

Valves Supported

  • Double Seat Valves B925, B915PMO, B935, BZAW
  • Single Seat Valves BBZP, BBWP, YPA, BBZS1, BBZS5
  • Butterfly Valves ZSF, VVF, WAFER
  • High Pressure Valves BBZQ-BBYQ
  • Modulating Valve BBZK, BBZPM
  • Ball Valves ZVS, VVS

Valve Spare Parts

  • Bardiani Valve Seal Kits
  • Bardiani Valve Service Kits
  • Paddles
  • Shafts
  • Control Heads
  • Actuators